Armed Assault & OFP addons and missions

created by 5133p39 a.k.a "Mors" and other participants

Current projects
Psycho SlayerOperation Flashpoint: ResistanceGOLD
Remake of the mission formerly known as "Find the Serialkiller v2.00" originally made by [City Cobra].
   Some of the new features are: support for up to 3 killers vs. 11 cops, random NPC car traffic and movement, "sanity" preventing killer camping, "stop suspect" allowing cops to check person whether its a real civilian NPC (not a killer), optional goals for killers like destroying antenna or killing police dispatcher to make things more difficult for the cops, and many more...
Slay the PsychoArmed AssaultN/A
Armed Assault port of the aforementioned "Psycho Slayer".
   It should be basically the same as its predecessor, but it will use all the new scripting features and possibilities available in Armed Assault to make things much better, and maybe even to add new features.
Dawn of the YomiesArmed AssaultBETA
Zombies for Armed Assault.
   This addon brings zombies to Armed Assault, and mission template which allows any mission designer to easily incorporate the zombies into his mission. The addon provides zombies using the default "undead" face textures originally created by BIS, and more importantly also new face textures and sounds created by benxcore.
   The mission designer should be able to create any type of mission, the zombie template doesn't restrict the mission in any way,
it only adds the zombies into the game world, and provides various scripts and functions the mission designer can use to control the zombies - if the need arise. A sample mission is included.
Morsa's Any GearArmed AssaultBETA
Simple addon to quickly change your loadout.
* All weapons and magazines available after one keystroke.
* No need to "activate" the addon's scripts through some preplaced LOGIC unit, or by running any mission initialization scripts.
* Configurable key code to activate the dialog, and IDs of dialog elements to prevent conflicts with other dialog addons or scripts.
Direct download: (9Kb), readme.txt (2Kb)