The Psycho Slayer is total remake of the mission known by the name "Find the Serialkiller v2.00" by [City Cobra].
I borrowed the basic idea, but everything else is fresh and new.
My thanks go to [City Cobra] for the original idea, and of course to the whole eVAC clan for helping me with testing the mission and the needed addons on their dedicated server.
Same as it's predecessor, in this mission you have to either kill as many people as you can, or hunt down the killers and bring them to justice, depending on which side you are on.

Some of the new features are: There is a mission log written by dslyecxi, which should give you an idea of what is it like when playing this mission. You can find the article here (search for the 'November 5th Psycho Slayer Writeup' title).
Rules & features
Starting parameters
On the slot selection screen in MP, you can choose how many "Psycho points" the Killers have to earn to win the game.
Cops can win the game if they kill and imprison all the Killers.
Psycho Points
Killers can earn "Psycho points" for killing NPCs or cop players (not the AI security guards).
The number of points earned depends on the way the unit was killed:
Cop's start
The cops starts with AK-47, but can rearm themselves at the crates which can be found at the airport or any other police base.
Killer's start
The Killers starts on a remote island, must arm themselves at nearby ammo crates, and then click into the map where they want to be parachuted.
When out of ammo, the Killer have only two options to rearm:
Respawn rules
Cops will respawn on a parachute above the west airport, and depending on how many killers and cops are playing, they will be able to switch to another respawn by clicking in map (the nearest respawn to the click will be choosen).
Killers will respawn right into the jail (see the next paragraph).
When Killer dies, he is respawned in the prison.
When all Killers are captured, the cops won and the game ends. But until that happens, any free Killer can help other Killers to escape from the prison, he only needs something to destroy the fence, and some luck to not to be shot by prison guards.
Game over
Game is over when Killers reach the specified number of "Psycho points", or when they all are captured.
Killer's sanity
Every killer have his own "sanity" which he should watch carefully, because when his sanity drops to zero, he will start to lose consciousness, and every cop will be able to see him on the map.
The "sanity" can be replenished by killing NPC or cop.
Current state can be checked by selecting the appropriate action from the action menu.
Vehicle locking
All police vehicles can be locked or unlocked by any cop and all cops should keep their vehicles locked at all times, even when sitting inside, because anyone, who gets inside any police vehicle, can see the position of every cop marked on the map as a blue dot. It's best to lock the vehicle immediately after getting in or out of it, and under no circumstances allow the killer to steal any police vehicle, because then he would get a big advantage, because he would be able to see where the cops are, and how to avoid them!
Police radio
Cops have the option to turn on/off the police radio while near or inside any police vehicle.
Cops should allways turn on their vehicle's radio - it will inform them about all the accidents and murders, and the places the events happened. You have to be near (or inside) the vehicle, to be able to hear the radio messages.
Police antenna
To allow the police radio signal to reach the east part of the island (to the right of Davle), an antenna near the Lipany village is needed. When someone (killers) destroy this antenna, the cops won't be able to receive any radio messages when present on this side of island.
When destroyed, the antenna can be repaired by a repair truck found at the main police base at the west airport.
The antenna can be destroyed and repaired multiple times without limit.
Police radio dispatcher
The police radio dispatcher is essential for all the police vehicle radios to work.
When someone kills the dispatcher, the cops won't be able to get any info about the location of any future event, until they find a replacement for the dead dispatcher.
The dispatcher can be replaced by any cop player himself, or by any NPC by using the "Force cooperation" action and ordering him to go inside the radio tent.
Map usage
The map will provide help for both the Cops and Killers.
The cop's map keeps track or the last five crime sites - use this information and try to guess the next move the killer makes.
The Killer's map shows all NPCs - potential victims - marked by green dots. Only a Killer can see where the NPCs are.
"Stop the suspect" option
By using this action, any cop can order any NPC to stop and to check his papers (actually, there are no papers, the cop only needs to get near the stopped "suspect" (less than 4 meters away) and depending on whether the stopped unit is a Killer or regular NPC, the unit will be allowed to continue with whatever it was doing, or the Killer will be revealed and marked on every cop's map for the duration of one minute.
This is a very useful option. As a cop you can order any moving vehicle to stop, and sometimes you can decide who it is only by judging how the unit acts, whether it will pull over and stop, or more importantly HOW will it pull over and stop - smart Killers will try to behave like the AI, so don't get fooled by them.
Also, to prevent things to be too easy for cops, even the NPC won't stop everytime - there is a slight chance the AI won't obey your orders.
Number of killers to play the game
There can be up to three Killers, but be reasonable, single Killer should be sufficient challenge even for 5 cops (and sometimes even more - that depends on each of the player's experience with this game style, and how well they know the island).
Future plans
BUS traffic
I want to add BUS traffic, which the NPCs should be able to use.
The "BUS traffic" addon is almost ready, it's only a question of time when i put it together.
The Buses are sticking to the road like they should, there are three independent (but linked) Bus routes on Nogova, and it's full of cool sounds!
Version history
2006.02.27, version 6.0rc4
2006.02.25, version 6.0rc3
2006.02.11, version 6.0rc2
2006.02.09, version 6.0rc1
2006.01.07, version 5.0rc4
2006.01.07, version 5.0rc3
2006.01.05, version 5.0rc2
2006.01.02, version 5.0rc1
2005.06.29, version 4.0
2005.06.06, version 3.6.6
2005.06.04, version 3.6.5
2005.06.03, version 3.6.4
2005.06.02, version 3.6.3
2005.06.02, version 3.6.2
2005.06.02, version 3.6.1

Version 6.0rc4 (RECOMMENDED) - Final version
This version is using the same addons like version 6.0rc2, except the new MORS_psycho.pbo, so if you have them, you don't need to download them again.

Because some of the files magically disapeared from the fileront server, i prepared alternate download location with all needed files for the last version 6.0rc2.
The WORKING DOWNLOAD is here: | 27.8 MB

Version 6.0rc3
This version is using the same addons as the version 6.0rc2, so if you already have them, you don't need to download them again.